Date: Fri Aug 24 21:31:14 2007

Author: Chuck Patten

Subject: Re: Circuit breakers

Yes, but it most likely will cause whatever you are trying to protect to be
more readily damaged due to the slower reaction time of the breaker
(generally). You can look up the rating of the fuse from the manufacturer
and try to find a breaker that will match the performance that you desire
but since you are going to violate the UL and other safety ratings anyway
with the proposed change, why not put in a custom electronic fuse? Then you
could set it to your needs but still would probably incur a huge liability
if someone gets injured as a result...


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Tappers and electrical gurus,

Can I substitute a 30 amp circuit breaker for a 30 amp fuse???? OR, should
the circuit breaker be of a lower value.