Date: Thu Aug 23 16:38:03 2007

Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: Tornado

Hi Jerry,

I've actually seen these types of devices in the section where Walmart
has lamps.....they had various types of different sizes, and even one
which was a night light.

Haven't been there in a while, but you may want to check there, or a
similar place like K-mart.

Could you just make one with a tall beaker, magnetic stirrer, and
rheoscopic fluid/beads?


Who was at the O's-Rangers game(s) yesterday with my son.....30-3.....yikes!
At least it was cool 65 degrees...Baltimore in August? NOT!

Gerald Zani wrote:
> Adam,
> No, but very close!
> The one I need should have more than just water. It should have beads
> floating in the water.
> Thanks for the help, Adam.
> Still looking. -- JZ
> At 02:10 PM 8/22/2007, you wrote:
>> Jerry,
>> Do you mean this?
>> I have never seen it with a Curious George motif, but the physics is
>> the same :)
>> I can't tell how tall it is, but I have usually seen them around six
>> to eight inches tall
>> Adam Beehler
>> Gerald Zani wrote:
>>> Tappers,
>>> Has anyone known about or seen a type of water
>>> Cyclone/Tornado/Vortex device with a Curious George motif?
>>> It is a 10 inch tall container of clear water with low density
>>> plastic beads floating on the surface of the water. In the base is
>>> a magnetic stirrer. When activated the stirring generates a
>>> beautiful vortex that is formed as the low density beads are pulled
>>> down from the surface.
>>> I am looking to get one on the request of a faculty member. A large
>>> amount of searching and googling has been fruitless.
>>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Just back from vacation.
>>> Too much to do already.
>>> -- Jerry Z.
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