Date: Thu Aug 2 10:36:08 2007

Author: Gordon Shepherd

Subject: Re: AAPT - Greensboro

Congrats Steve! I missed the meeting after the demo show Tuesday night.
I was programed to go to the meeting after the demo, but when there were
two and I went to the first one I think I "dropped some bytes" and went
home (Greensboro) instead. I heard it was a long one!
Gordon Shepherd

Steve Wonnell wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>As you know, I am taking over the reins from Stephen Irons as Newsletter
>editor and treasurer of PIRA. Stephen has done a fantastic job of putting
>the newsletter together, producing at least one article of his own each
>issue, and has made some accounting/financial arrangements (paypal, debit
>cards) that have made financial transactions simpler for all involved.
>His footprints are large, but thanks to his innovations, I think they will
>be easy for future editor/treasurers to fill.
>Stephen, thank you.
>-- Steve Wonnell