Date: Tue Aug 21 13:56:03 2007

Author: John Hubisz

Subject: Re: Power

I want to start UPG, Unlimited Population Growth. Force the world (as
has happened throughout history) to move on. Build solar power
satellites. That will require a base on the Moon (LadyBase One) to mine
materials to build them and the space cities that will be needed to
house the workers. The lunar corporation's success will then encourage
an asteroid corporation to bring in materials for space cities in
Earth-Moon orbits, around Mars and the other planets and then we just
hollow out asteroids, mine Mars, break-up Mercury (or better still make
it into a really large space city to head out to the stars), ...

By 2100 there will be more people living in space than on the Earth.


Richard Berg wrote:
> By a long, long shot, the most important thing that the world should
> be working on right now is bringing up the economic level of more
> people, through encouraging and setting up free institutions such as
> the free press and free economic activity. If you do this education
> and health care improvements will follow, not the other way around.
> Wealth makes possible such desirable development as education,
> improvements in health care, and greater care for the environment, and
> without wealth none of what we consider these "necessary" aspects of
> our society will be developed.
> It is, I believe, well known among economists and world population
> groups, that as a society becomes more wealthy the average number of
> children per family decreases significantly. Until the people who
> survive to old age have reasonable expectation of living above
> poverty, they will continue to have enough children so that they are
> assured care in their old age. This will only happen if economic
> improvement is made.
> Dick
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