Date: Mon Aug 20 12:02:04 2007

Author: Daniel A Margulies

Subject: Re: OT email question


I've never dealt with that file type, but you can find a brief overview
of how to deal with them at:

Hope this helps at least a little.


On Mon, 20 Aug 2007, Pati Sievert

> Some of you may remember my story of our server being confiscated by the
> local police early in the summer. I have recovered most of my web based
> "stuff" from the last back-up of the server. My "problem" is that my email
> was on the server as well. It was an IMAP server and I have been given a
> zipped file named Mail.tar.gz which is 747 MB (the unzipped file is over 1
> GB). Our server was managed by a grad student with very limited English
> skills and beyond getting me the file, has not been able to tell me how to
> open it with my email client to read it. I would prefer to open it in a
> Mozilla email program, but would appreciate any help offered. The size of
> the file has kept me from experimenting with opening it as I have 1 GB RAM.
> Anyone have experience to share on this?
> Thanks!!!
> Pati
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