Date: Thu Aug 2 05:07:16 2007

Author: Brian Andersson

Subject: I-35W bridge collape

Hello all,

I was hoping that my first email to tap-l as president of PIRA would be on
a more positive note.

Yesterday (Aug 1) I-35W, a major interstate through Minneapolis, collapsed
into the Mississippi river, just a few blocks from the University of
Minnesota campus. There were several deaths and many more injured. I
would ask everyone to please keep the victims and their families in their
thoughts over the next few days.

Thank you,

ps Once again, another successful meeting. Thanks to all who attended
and participated in the numerous activities.

Brian Andersson | Tate Laboratory of Physics
Assistant Education Specialist | Room 135
PIRA President | 116 Church St. SE
School of Physics and Astronomy | Minneapolis, MN 55455
University of Minnesota | (612) 624-6584