Date: Fri Jul 13 12:10:40 2007

Author: Torres-Isea, Ramon

Subject: Re: LabView Manual?

Hello Marc,

In addition to going through the LabView exercises in one of the books
recommended by Steve, it would be a good idea to become familiar with
the following industry standards (depending on how far you want to get
into this):

(1) The Virtual Instruments Software Architecture (VISA) as well as the
implementation of this standard by National Instruments (many LabView
VIs use the VISA standard). Learn about it at:

(2) The Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI). This is
useful to know about because many key manufacturers implement it. Learn
about it at:

(3) If you want to get as far as developing software drivers for
instruments, you should learn about the Interchangeable Virtual
Instrument (IVI) standard. Learn about it at:

(4) For data acquisition board control, learn about NI-DAQ at the
National Instruments web site.

Good Luck!

Ramon Torres-Isea

Adjunct Lecturer and Supervisor,

Advanced Physics Teaching Laboratories,

The University of Michigan,

Ann Arbor, MI

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I like "LabVIEW for Everyone" 3rd edition as a
early-intermediate level instruction book/reference.

"Advanced Physics Labs" is outstanding as a beginner's tutorial, but
not so good as a quick-lookup reference book.

You might find useful National Instrument's own course materials,

-- Steve W.

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> Subject: [tap-l] LabView Manual?
> Howdy-
> I am learning LabView in my usual way of learning a new
> programming language. I am examining the source of someone
> else's code and fiddling until I get something that more or
> less works for my slightly different purposes.
> This is fine, but I am on the clock, and methinks I need
> some help through a reference book.
> Does anyone have a recommendation?
> Marc "Zeke" Kossover
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