Date: Thu Jul 12 11:43:55 2007

Author: Vacek Miglus

Subject: Re: B&W cameras

Dale Stille wrote:
> Tappers,
> We have a need for a video capture system comprised of a Black and White
> camera directly connected to a computer via a IEEE firwire card. This
> system needs to be able to do 60 frames / sec.
> Anyone out there have or know of such a beast. Specifics such as camera
> and card brands, software setup, etc. would be appreciated.
> BTW, we have already bought one system from Sony that was advertised to
> do 60 frames but even their factory experts can't get it above 15.

Digital camcorder, and set it to black and white? In the computer
deinterlace it to get the required 60 frames rather than the 30 fps that
a camcorder does.

If that is not what you want then the next question is, "What is your