Date: Tue Jul 17 16:46:10 2007

Author: Scott Shelley

Subject: Quantitative Chladni Plates experiments?

Hi all,

We're interested in implementing an experiment in which students
mathematically predict the patterns on circular and square Chladni
plates, then perform the experiment to compare their results with
their predictions.

The problem? The theoretical results (as outlined on the web - I
haven't done them myself) are tabulated on this page: (Can
anyone verify the correctness of these calculations?)

The actual patterns produced on our square Chladni plate when driven
at various resonance frequencies are beautiful, but they don't agree
with these predictions. While there are some similarities between
this theory and our experiment, we were hoping to get a better match.

Does anyone do an experiment of this nature and, if so, would you be
willing to share how you do it?

Thanks very much,