Date: Thu Apr 5 16:26:07 2007

Author: Scott Shelley

Subject: Re: Wanted: Tubes for old Sargent-Welch e/m apparatus


>The boxes of the old burned-out ones we have list the bulbs as part
>0623, and the bulb looks the same
>from what I can see in the picture. I called S-W and they said
>that they are the correct replacement tube,
>which I realize doesn't guarantee anything, but am I missing
>something? It looks like the tubes are back in the catalog.

I contacted Steve Starling at Tel-Atomic (who apparently supply these
tubes to Sargent-Welch) and he told me that these are not the tubes
I'm looking for.
My tubes contain mercury (50 Volt accelerating potential), have a
diameter of approximately 20cm, take a current up to 4.5A, and
contain five single posts located at known distances from the
filament; his tubes contain neon (300 Volt accelerating potential) ,
have a diameter of 15cm, run on a current in the hundreds of
milliamps and contain five double posts.

I assume there must've been a design change between the WL0623A and
the WL0623B. (Can anyone verify that the tubes for these two
experiments are different?)