Date: Mon Apr 30 18:32:55 2007

Author: Doug Welch

Subject: Re: Student spectrometer recommendations?


The Ocean Optics Red Tide USB650 is what you want to think about, not
the USB4000. The USB650 is US$999 and you can get even better deals if
buying several.

I have one of these and am very impressed with it. You will likely need
to purchase a fiber to feed it, too.


Steve Anderson wrote:
> Andy,
> These are even more expensive ($2,200), with no adjustable parts, so may
> not be what you want for a student lab.
> But, if you need a unit to acquire spectra without too much fuss (for
> demos or projects) they work great.
> They're robust and can be easily mounted on telescopes or microscopes,
> or incorporated into other (laser fluorescence) apparatus.
> steve anderson