Date: Mon Apr 30 18:32:06 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Student spectrometer recommendations?

If one lowers their std. a bit more and wants to pay < $40, the project
star spectroscope is for you. the original (Harvard Smiths.) included
a several diopter lens for the presbyopic.

bc, penurious.

Andrew Dougherty wrote:

>Does anyone have a good recommendation for spectrometers suitable for
>introductory physics labs? We are currently using some home-built piano
>spectrometers, but are in need of additional units, and are hoping to
>avoid building them in-house.
>The spectrometers are currently used to measure the wavelengths of
>light from a hydrogen lamp. We don't need high precision or accuracy.
>That is, we're not looking at fine structure or trying to distinguish D2
>and H2. Accuracy to +- 10 nm would be fine for this group of students.
>I'm perhaps more interested in durability -- can we get consistently
>good performance year after year without laborious set-up each year.
>I'm aware of PASCO's "Student Spectrometer", but at $1159 per unit, it
>seems too expensive by about a factor of 3 for what we need.
>Thanks in advance,