Date: Thu Apr 26 18:46:47 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: source for zinc plate

Try a litho. shop. Etching plates, I suspect, are pure Zn.

Trivium: In France bars are called zincs because that's what covers the
counter. I've seen zinc for that purpose ONCE in the US.

bc, thinks anything galvanized would work fine. The visible grain
boundaries indicate purity.

John Welch wrote:

> I'm looking for a source for zinc plate to do photoelectric effect
> demos - (give the plate a negative charge and watch it discharge when
> exposed to UV). One source I've found is marine anodes (to protect
> against galvanic corrosion), but they are made of an alloy with about
> .5% aluminum. I imagine that this would work fine, but I wonder if
> anyone has tried it, or has a different source for plate.
> -John