Date: Thu Apr 26 15:52:21 2007

Author: Matt Lowry

Subject: Re: Cornstarch in a pool

Btw, here's an excellent Youtube video on this... just fascinating!


Matt Lowry
Lake Forest High School
College of Lake County

>>> "Sam Sampere" 4/26/2007 11:48 AM >>>
Hi all,

I used an inflatable 2 ring baby pool from Walmart - cont about $3. I held about 35 gallons- said so right on the package, it was maybe 3' in diameter and was plenty big. I have a 48" ID pool here and it's too big.

I had our physics undergrads mixing 2 lbs cornstarch to 1 liter of water in Rubbermaid containers- how's that for mixing units?? Add corn starch to water and mix well. Then dump that in the pool. I used about 100 lbs of cornstarch and that got me about ankle deep. Don't ask how I found that out ;)

That display was the hit of Mayfest!

To dispose - the students filled small trash bags with the stuff and put it in a dumpster, followed by the pool. For $3, I'll go buy a few more and keep them in storage.

My work study student just told me he saw this on Mythbusters last night. They used a large cement mixer, but he said that the stuff was too thick to start with so not so impressive. You want the consistancy thick enough so you roll a ball of it in your hands, but thin enough so it melts right away.

If that doesn't answer all of your questions, let me know.




From: Scott Shelley []
Sent: Thu 4/26/2007 11:08 AM
To: Sam Sampere
Subject: Cornstarch in a pool

Hi Sam,

I've been inspired by your success and want to do a similar demo in
about ten days.
Can you give me advice on exactly what I should do? What size pool
do you use? How much water vs. cornstarch?
How do you mix it? Does the cornstarch settle quickly? How do you
discard it at the end?

Thanks a lot,