Date: Mon Apr 16 19:27:16 2007

Author: Douglas Johnson

Subject: Re: Rocket and space science demos for kids?

One of my favorite is the TWO-LITER ETOH ROCKET. The photo on the
website has the bottle reversed on the string. If you have any
questions about it, please send me a personal note... Doug J.

>Dear Tap-lers,
>One of my colleagues at work has to give a talk about rocked and
>space science to young kids at an event called the kids university.
>She asked me for ideas on fun demos on the subject which we could
>stage to enhance the attention. I spontaneously could not think of
>many others than:
>- The jet wagon moved by compressed air.
>- The water rocket with air and water.
>- A video clip about early german rocket tests, the Apollo and the
>Space Shuttle launches and missions.
>- The LN engine invented by Douglas Johnson.
>Any other things that may just come into your minds?
>Thank you for your inputs
>Urs Lauterburg
>Physics demonstrator
>Physikalisches Institut
>University of Bern