Date: Mon Apr 16 15:38:20 2007

Author: Adam Beehler

Subject: Re: at it's new home

Three cheers for Machele!!! (OK, just three exclamation marks.) But
seroiusly, thank you for doing all you did for PIRA online! And thank
you Michael for taking over and building upon what we have currently.
Adam Beehler

cablem wrote:

> PIRA is please to announce the new home of our website! We are very
> grateful to Wake Forest University for allowing us to host our website
> there for many years. As most of you know, I've been the webmaster
> since about 1998. Since I'm leaving Wake and going back to school, the
> hosting of the website is being changed.
> We are VERY excited to have Michael Thomason of the University of
> Colorado Boulder as the new host and webmaster. Some of you might
> recognize the name and place; this is who takes care of and hosts the
> searchable PIRA DCS, so, we already know that we are in good hands.
> Our official web address is This is used as a
> redirect and now points to the new host. While the PIRA site at WFU
> will remain up for a while, it will no longer be maintained. If you
> have bookmarked any individual pages of the site, such as the PIRA 200
> or the Sutton Book, please update your bookmarks.
> Thanks again to Michael!
> Chele
> PIRA President