Date: Mon Apr 2 08:25:55 2007

Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: Did you hear about this Microwave Oven...?

That's ok. I was at a science fair on Friday and the student showed that
electrolysis of water gives off hydrogen and chlorine gas! She also won
a gold medal...


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Ironically, I just saw a science fair project that ended with results
that seemed to show that "nuking" water somehow left the water toxic.
Basically, the project was this: Take tap water, distilled water, and
snow water and use it to help seeds germinate and grow. Then monitor
the seeds' growth to determine the effect of the water. The student
used non-microwaved water as well as microwaved water. For the
microwaved water, it was stated that the water was first microwaved,
then allowed to come to room temperature, and then used to help grow the

seeds (just like the non-microwaved water). The results were that the
snow watered seeds grew the most, the tap water and distilled water were

a little less, and all three types of water that were microwaved showed
no growth at all. Go figure. I wish I could have talked with that
student to find out more details.
Adam Beehler