Date: Fri Apr 13 20:11:40 2007

Author: Bill Reitz

Subject: Re: Emergency shower drain?

We have the same emergency shower situation in all of our labs. The
explanation was that they didn't want contaminated water to get into the
sewer drain system. ( For our system, if the water isn't mopped up
quickly it will drain through an opening in the floor where access
valves to gas and water for the movable instructor desk connects. From
there the water would flow into Principal's desk on the floor below! At
times the temptation is great. Depending on how your showers or eyewash
stations are designed, you might be able to place a shower stall base or
even child's wading pool under the shower head.

Bill Reitz

S M Ryan wrote:
> Hi all. I teach at a small hig school. Physics, Chemistry & Earth.
> Our building has been renovated - in the final stages of cleanup. My
> new class/lab is gorgeous. I just have 2 complaints... one which
> leads to this e-mail. I realize the purely physics folks probably
> don't have emergency showers in their labs, so peek in your
> neighborhood Chem lab and tell me....
> Is it, or is it not standard practice to place a floor drain somewhere
> is the vicinity of an emergency shower?
> I have no floor drain anywhere. Even my eyewash station drains out
> onto the floor - such that I can't even place a bucket under it.
> The engineers/contractors reasoning: "Well its just for emergencies.
> A drain is not required by code. The janitor can just mop up if you
> ever use it."
> Is this flipping ridiculous, or am I pitching a fit for nothing?
> Curious,
> Samantha
> (if you're curious about the second complaint it has to do with the
> 4x4 posts coming down in the middle of each lab station because they
> didn't think(?) to to run the electric and water to the station while
> they had the floor all dug up for the lab sink drains, so they are
> running down from the ceiling.... yes, they had to dig drains for 8
> sinks... why not a floor drain at the same time?????)