Date: Fri Apr 13 17:37:51 2007

Author: Anthony Lapinski

Subject: Re: Emergency shower drain?

I'm at a private high school in Jersey. Yes, our eyewash/shower stations
in the chem lab do NOT have floor drains. They probably have never been
used in the past 12 years since they were installed. Still, it would be a
big mess if the shower were used and the water had no place to go. It
should not cost that much more to put in drains. writes:
>Hi all. I teach at a small hig school. Physics, Chemistry & Earth. Our
>building has been renovated - in the final stages of cleanup. My new
>class/lab is gorgeous. I just have 2 complaints... one which leads to
>this e-mail. I realize the purely physics folks probably don't have
>emergency showers in their labs, so peek in your neighborhood Chem lab
>and tell me....
>Is it, or is it not standard practice to place a floor drain somewhere is
>the vicinity of an emergency shower?
>I have no floor drain anywhere. Even my eyewash station drains out onto
>the floor - such that I can't even place a bucket under it.
>The engineers/contractors reasoning: "Well its just for emergencies. A
>drain is not required by code. The janitor can just mop up if you ever
>use it."
>Is this flipping ridiculous, or am I pitching a fit for nothing?
>(if you're curious about the second complaint it has to do with the 4x4
>posts coming down in the middle of each lab station because they didn't
>think(?) to to run the electric and water to the station while they had
>the floor all dug up for the lab sink drains, so they are running down
>from the ceiling.... yes, they had to dig drains for 8 sinks... why not a
>floor drain at the same time?????)
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