Date: Wed Apr 11 10:41:55 2007

Author: William Maddox

Subject: Re: Films?

From: WC Maddox

You may be able to donate some of your collection to this place. We
got rid of our physics movies this way.

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At 08:40 AM 4/11/2007, you wrote:
>What does one do with old film strips?
>I believe we all find it very difficult to dispose of the old
>treasures, yet some of us are forced to operate with space limitations.
>We have some 200 old 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm, films that are not used in classes.
>These include Fynmann Lectures: 12, 30+ minute 35mm films, Dirac,
>etc., we have a large number of 16mm films by various authors on
>physics topics, plus some 100+ of the single concept 8mm strips.
>Do the rest of you also have these and do you use them?
>Jerry H.