Date: Tue Apr 10 09:38:02 2007

Author: Dan Beeker

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I can certainly confirm your opinion of the plastic tubes. I'll pursue the
"have them blown" route. It seems several possibilities for making the tubes
have presented themselves. I will let tappers know should anything come of


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I f you have glass glowing shop on your campus you may be
in luck. I had my machine shop copy the metal base of the Resonance
tube, I bought the threaded hose barbs from McMaster Carr, and then I
had the glass blowining shop make me the tubes .The glass blower then
mated the base to the tube using a wax material. I bought plastic
metric measuring tapes from a science Ed. company, and taped these
onto the new tubes with clear paccking tape. These new duplicates were
very close to the originals. Another way to do this is to have the
glassblower to put a glass hose barb off the bottom of the tube and seal
the bottom shut.
In earlier attempts to repalace these tubes I bought some plastic
ones that were grossly inferior and didn't last very long.
Hope this helps,

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