Date: Sun Apr 8 20:59:53 2007

Author: Paul Nord

Subject: Re: Visual Electricity Demonstrator

Bill, et. al.,

Comments on this 4th grade textbook review?

Electric Current
Magnetic Field
Parallel Circuit
Series Circuit
Static Electricity

1. If charged particles in an object are not balanced, the object
builds up _____.

2. A charge in motion is called a(n) _____.

3. _____ is the pushing or pulling force that exists when a magnetic
material is near.

4. The quality of ____ opposes the flow of electric current through a

5. Current flows in only one direction in a(n) _____.

6. Because of Earth's ____, a compass needle points in a north-south

7. One advantage of a(n) ____ over a natural magnet is that its
magnetic field can be turned off.

8. A(n) _____ can handle appliances that use different amounts of
electric current.

And should I bother correcting his teacher about her description of
batteries as supplying "juice"? It's because there is a liquid
inside the battery.