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Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: LED Lamps and Batteries Syracuse PIRA Resource Room

Hi Gordon,

You can find them at your nearest Radio Shack. Honest. It should say
red/green bi-color LED.

Otherwise, order them from Jameco...


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Anybody know where you can get the bi-color LED for AC use? --The ones
you sling around and see the colors change with the voltage direction.
I tried to by some from Marlin P Jones and the they only had them in an
assortment of many colors. When they came, all were there but the
bicolor ones. Ha! I contacted them and they refunded my money and told
me to keep the others. That's as close as I got to getting some. MPJ
does have some good values, though. I've always felt that they true test

of a businesses integrity is how they handle their problems, not that
they never have any. MPJ passed.
Gordon Shepherd

cablem wrote:

> Brian Andersson ordered them. Totally cool! I still have
> mine...unplugged, of course.
> Chele
> On 3/1/2007 7:26 PM, Douglas Johnson wrote:
>> Who ordered the LED lamps and the batteries for the free make and
>> take project in the PIRA resource room last summer? I wanted to
>> purchase some of the same items for an upcoming project...
>> Thanks in advance for your help! ...Doug J.

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