Date: Thu Mar 29 00:31:02 2007

Author: Chuck Patten

Subject: Re: Electromagnetic Driven Tuning Forks - spare parts?

You might consider looking in the oldest local hardware store that you can
find (True Value in this area) and look through their screws and fasteners
section. You are not really interested in the run of the mill hardware,
but the specialty bins and small cases that look like leftovers from another
era if you are lucky enough to find them there still. They have plastic
knobbed metal screws that can be used as contacts with the addition of a nut
and filing down the end of the screw to make a point and other pieces that
can be fashioned into what you need. If you can take a good, high res
picture of what it is that you are trying to replace, perhaps we can help
you find something suitable in our junque boxes.


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Good Day,

About 7 years ago I ordered some replacement electric contacts for our
driven tuning forks from Frey Scientific.

They don't seem to have the part any more. And they seem pretty clueless
about their old part numbers.

G21229 Replacement contact point screw
G21230 Replacement contact point bracket

Any suggestions? Any replacement recommendations?

Looks something like this, but not nearly as old:

Can anyone commend this:

My experience with Pasco's plastic cases with rod mount holes is not too
positive. The screw threads strip out of the plastic pretty easily. And I
don't trust the thin plastic to last anything like as long as the old cast
metal bases from Cenco.


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