Date: Tue Mar 20 09:58:48 2007

Author: Papp, James J

Subject: Re: Image attachments

Either attachments or links are fine for me.

Thus, I have neutral feelings about the policy.

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How many others out there feel strongly about continuing the "no
attachment policy"? Please send me a short personal reply if you do.

Thanks... ...Doug J.

>I prefer a "no attachments policy" myself. Posting a file can be easily

>done on the web or to one of the other options suggested during this
>discussion (google chat, Chele, Vacek, etc.).
>John Mocko
>On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, Douglas Johnson wrote:
>> Keith and other Tap-L folks,
>> If I had a 640 x 480 photo (120 kb file) in jpeg format, would
>> that be too big to send on this list? It sounds like Keith is ok
>> with this, but how about everyone else? If not, could we have a
>> file size limit on what we can send? I think it would be such a
>> great upgrade to post small documents and see how it goes for a
>> while. If it gets too much, then reduce the size or go back to what

>> we are doing now.
>> I had made a LN2 Hero's Engine a month ago that I wanted to
>> share, but the process of getting the photo on the web takes time
>> and I didn't have the time to go through the process. Being able to

>> post some kind of attached file would certainly expedite this.
>> ...Doug J.
>> >I think we are OK with image attachments so long as they are not
>> >huge. If they are drug from a web page into the email, they will be

>> >small. If you are taking them off a camera, I would suggest lowing

>> >the pixel dimensions to 300-500 pixels in width. 500 pixels will
>> >fill the mail page on most monitors. If it is larger than that,
>> >some clients may have trouble showing it. That's what I do anyway.
>> >As I said, I don't see a problem here. I thought emails were
>> >bouncing because of it, but they are not. All is good (other than
>> >the cold blowing rain we have here today).
>> >
>> >-Keith
>> >
>> >cablem wrote:
>> >>As long as I remain webmaster of the PIRA page, I'll post images
>> >>there and then post links, as a service. Just send it in a private

>> >>email to me.
>> >>
>> >>We're in the process of transferring the duty of PIRA webmaster
>> and >>I can't speak for the new person. They simply may not have
>> time to >>do this.
>> >>
>> >>Chele
>> >>
>> >>On 3/16/2007 11:35 AM, Keith Warren wrote:
>> >>>Hey All,
>> >>>
>> >>>Just a reminder that the list is setup to reject messages with
>> >>>images attached. It was setup this way some time ago for users
>> >>>with slow connections. If you want to share a picture, it will
>> >>>need to be a link. I only mention this because I get messages
>> >>>from the server when a message does not go through. I've seen two

>> >>>bounce this week because they had images attached. Sorry for the

>> >>>inconvenience. Have a great weekend.
>> >>>
>> >>>-Keith
>John Mocko
>Senior Teaching Laboratory Specialist (Lecture Demonstrations)
>Department of Physics University of Florida Gainesville, Fl.

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