Date: Mon Mar 12 14:42:21 2007

Author: Br. R. W. Harris

Subject: Re: Re First aid kits

The last school I was in had no floor drain under any emergency shower. The
reason given was that you didn't want a chemical spill or a radioactive
substance to get into the plumbing. The result was that a few times a year
someone would hit the shower or eyewash station with a backpack and there
would be a mess on the floor to be cleaned up.

Br. Robert W. Harris
Iona Prep School

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> "After all of the furor died down it was discovered that
> there was no drain in the floor."
> Our situation, the physics lab does have a drain, but the
> floor is not sloped. All the electrical outlets are connected
> at the floor. Often I have the ground faults tested although
> it has to be done by the safety people. One time a mom
> brought her kid in during a show, and he about reached for
> the shower. The kid thought the eye wash fountain/shower was
> a drinking fountain.

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