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Author: cablem

Subject: Re: jumping disc

I contacted a few and got no response from anyone. Perhaps I didn't
contact the right ones...and it was so long ago that I no longer
remember who I contacted.


On 2/28/2007 2:30 PM, Dan Beeker wrote:
> Perhaps one of the temperature thermostat companies could be a source? They
> commonly use bimetallic discs in their products. I have visions of millions
> of the things flowing through assembly bins somewhere in the far east.
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> This is true...I've talked to Edmunds about it because I wanted to have
> more made as a PIRA advertising thing one year. I also talked to a lady
> who was interested in trying to make them in her garage, but I don't
> think it ever happened. She'd have contacted me if it had 'cause I'd
> have ordered several hundred. To my knowledge, they're not available
> anywhere.
> Chele
> On 2/27/2007 8:43 PM, Br. R.W. Harris wrote:
>> My recollection is that the person who ran the machine which made them
>> died and took the secret to the grave. So far there hasn't been anyone
>> who could find the proper settings to make it work..
>> If anyone else knows a better answer, I would also like to know also
>> if these things are available.
>> R.W.Harris
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>> Subject: [tap-l] jumping disc
>>> Years ago Edmunds sold a tiny metal curved disc in the shape of a
>>> small shallow "bowl" (? 1.5 cm diameter). I believe you pushed it the
>>> other way, held it to warm it up, placed it on a table, and it
>>> eventually snapped back into place upon cooling and "jumped" off the
>>> table (similar to the rubber "poppers" sold today, which look like
>>> half racquet balls).
>>> Does anyone know if there is a new manufacturer for these discs, or
>>> where
>>> I might find them in surplus?

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