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Author: Perry Godwin

Subject: Re: LabGuy Rot Suggestions

"Lab peeps" is certainly better than "lab perps" (i.e. perpetrators). ;>))

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Subject: Re: [tap-l] LabGuy Rot Suggestions

There seem to be a plethora of 'peeps' shirts these days (as in
truncated form of "people"/yummy marshmallow candy chicks (baby
chickens, not to be confused with broads)). I have a student with a
different 'peeps' shirt for every day of the week, as in 'hanging with
my peeps'.
Why not 'lab peeps'... "gender neutral", "modern", dare I say it,

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Subject: Re: [tap-l] LabGuy Rot Suggestions

I guess I'll chime in my two cents worth. Wearing a shirt that says
"Lab Guy" would probably cause a few odd looks in my direction. Saying
to a group of people whom are both genders means one thing, but being
female and wearing a "Guy" shirt can mean something else.

However, since there don't seem to be any better alternatives, perhaps
this is the only resolution. "Lab Person" just doesn't flow. Are you
better off with using another offensive word such as "HyperGeek" which
is gender neutral?


cablem wrote:
> As I said, I'm as apt to say "The PIRA guys" as the next person...but,

> it is an issue to some people. I've gotten more sensitive about it
> having gained more friends in the transgendered community and really
> now see bio sex and gender identity as two different things. I know
> that it ends up being a PC argument, which I actually hate, but...
> You're quite right that "guys" has become slang for "all". I seem to
> be the only female complaining and I'm willing to shut up about it if
> everyone else is happy. In all honestly, I'd buy and wear a Lab Guy
> T-shirt...but I wouldn't necessarily feel that those reading it would
> "get" that I'm a lab guy. Still funny though, which is the point.
> BTW, my title is Lab Manager. It's really not what I do. "Guy" or
> "Tech" work equally well for me. "Deity" works too!
> I'm gonna miss my DEMOLADY license plate when I move.
> Chele
> On 2/28/2007 11:16 AM, Bill Norwood wrote:
>> Hi Chele,
>> I really appreciate your sensitivity and support on this, as I hope
>> to guide
>> this in its evolution into something assistive for persons
>> experiencing real
>> problems, while at the same time enabling most of us to partially
>> identify
>> and laugh a little.
>> But your comment "I just don't want me, Annie, Patty, Kelly and some
>> others
>> to be called 'guys' is the strongest response I have ever heard on
>> this, and
>> now I pause.
>> I had explained in a separate e-mail my "LabGuy" usage, and the
>> Tapper seemed to understand and accept it. My explanation was that I
>> hear
>> female students around here at U of MD referring to each other as
>> "you guys"
>> all the time. Would it be relevant or appropriate to ask you, Annie,
>> Pattie
>> and others to just incorporate this younger thinking? I am also
>> concerned
>> about the term LabGuys&Girls, because some women don't like to be
>> "girls." (However if you girls might agree that that would be better
>> I would
>> be happy to commence its usage.) And, wouldn't "ladies" be too formal

>> for
>> this relatively casual medium. And I don't think that "women" or
>> "females"
>> would fit in here either.
>> I had abandoned the Technician Rot terminology because it would leave

>> out a
>> large population, the lab managers.
>> Would just usually using a slang plural, LabGize, be of any help?
>> Thanks for your feedback.
>> Bill Norwood
>> Technician
>> U of MD Physics
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>> Subject: Re: [tap-l] LabGuy Rot Suggestions
>> I didn't mean to squash it...I think it's a riot! I just don't want
>> me, Annie, Patty, Kelly and some others to be called 'guys'. However,

>> I have to admit, I'm at a loss as to what we SHOULD say. We
>> eliminated "tech". What else works? Hmmm...what about guru?
>> Chele
>> On 2/27/2007 4:12 PM, Tony Papirio wrote:
>>> How come everybody got so quiet all of a sudden?
>>> cablem wrote:
>>>> Well...not to be politically correct or something ('cause I'm just
>>>> as apt to say "PIRA guys" as the next person)...but...last time I
>>>> checked not all of us had dangly boy parts. I know "tech" isn't
>>>> quite the term we like, but at least its not gender-biased. Just
>>>> sayin'...
>>>> Chele
>>>> On 2/27/2007 1:21 PM, Gerald Zani wrote:
>>>>> Bill,
>>>>> I LOVE your list...
>>>>> BUT,
>>>>> You should change:
>>>>> G. Shared an Old Peculiar with Zig during his glory days.
>>>>> Also, your list is named wrong. It should be renamed to be:
>>>>> Lab Guy Matures to Sweet Perfection!! -- JZ
>>>>> At 11:49 AM 2/27/2007, you wrote:
>>>>>> A: Knows the location of everything in the Demo Room-- or at
>>>>>> least where it /was/ before someone borrowed it.
>>>>>> B: Has every published edition of Halliday and Resnick.
>>>>>> C: Personally knew Sutton.
>>>>>> D: Knows the meaning of the the acronym "PIRA".
>>>>>> E: Can set up any demonstration in any lecture hall on campus in

>>>>>> 10 minutes flat. And is frequently asked to do so at the last
>>>>>> minute...
>>>>>> E: Has at least 195 of the "PIRA 200" demonstrations in their
>>>>>> department collection.
>>>>>> F: Can explain even the most basic demonstrations to the most
>>>>>> advanced professors.
>>>>>> G. Can recall the last dozen bars visited with Ziggy during AAPT

>>>>>> meetings. 10? 6? 1??
>>>>>> Cheers.
>>>>>> bill

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