Date: Tue Feb 27 21:06:21 2007 Back to Contents

Author: Steve Anderson

Subject: Re: LabGuy Rot Suggestions

> I didn't mean to squash it...I think it's a riot! I just don't want
> me, Annie, Patty, Kelly and some others to be called 'guys'.
> However, I have to admit, I'm at a loss as to what we SHOULD say.
> We eliminated "tech". What else works? Hmmm...what about guru?

why was "tech" eliminated? i know it isn't up to the "Coordinator" or
"Manager" level many deserve, but...
lab tech is gender neutral (we have both kinds, here, too). One of
the "guys" is a good thing.

In wine country, the slang term for a vineyard worker is "cellar rat".
According to signs in one lab, students have adopted "lab rats"
(this wouldn't look too good on the résumé).

as my daughter would say, to her girl friends,
"Like, it's etymology, dude!"

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