Date: Tue Feb 27 12:17:40 2007

Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: HELP with Demonstration Shows for AAPT Summer Meeting

Hi All,

I think there's a lot of faulty memory on this.

Since I was leading the Demo Workshop for quite a few years, I know for
a fact that we were only supporting the person or people in charge of
the Demonstration Show, but only when they asked us to help. We were
never "in charge" of the show while I was in charge of the LDW. Let me
repeat never. A few times it was a PIRA show, but this is a different
animal entirely. It so happens that when the Summer AAPT meeting was at
the home university of one of the people who were also in the Demo
Workshop, we did talk about it during the Demo Workshop, but we only
offered our support to our fellow Workshopper and didn't organize it.
It was much more of a "brainstorming" type of session than anything
else. This was the case at Ziggy's University of Utah and Sam's
Syracuse University shows. We just offered our help and asked what they
wanted us to do. There were plenty of times when I was heading the Demo
Workshop where no one from our group was even contacted by the area
organization at the host university, as the area org. did the show and
didn't want our help.

In the case of this summer's meeting in Greensboro, Bill McNairy is in
fact IN CHARGE of the Demonstration Show, as his email on this
suggests. Please, if you'd like to help or be part of the show, tell
him what you think you can do to help. Having more than one "point
person" is not a good idea, and will just lead to confusion. I'm hoping
that Bill M. gets lots of offers to help from locals and visitors alike,
and has some type of organizational meeting to discuss the various
possibilities for this year's show at the beginning of the summer
meeting in Greensboro. This should allow him to put together some type
of "game plan".

I also know, having done it myself, that Dale Stille will already have
plenty to deal with as the LDW doesn't have the luxury of having the
meeting at the home university of a member of the LDW group. I don't
think he needs to organize, from Iowa, a show at a place where he
doesn't know the facility, staging, and what's available, etc. But I do
know how capable he is, and I'm sure Bill M. would welcome his, and any
other LDW'ers, assistance. Indeed, anyone from PIRA or outside PIRA
should offer Bill assistance if they think they can help.

Setting the record straight,

David Sturm wrote:
> Echoing our PIRA President about this year, my understanding is certainly that
> Dale as co-grahhhn poobahhhh of the Demonstration Workshop board is in charge.
> And I believe Sam²pere is the other workshop co-leader?
> As far back as I remember, the AAPT summer public demo show had been under
> the supervision of PIRA's Demonstration Workshop team, with maybe an exception
> or two. (The 'Stray Cats' I thought did their own show, we still had a public demo
> show managed by PIRA). I've only been in person back to Gonzaga 1995
> (when JZ came 'long with Zig and his amazing trailer-load of many items)...
> Anyway, I got the sense that tradition goes back farther to the late 80's...
> Right now, I haven't gotten any response back on my inquiries to UNCG about where
> things were going to be, so thanks Bill Mc for giving a sense of where and all.
> I know right now, I'm needing a good "zone" that is secure, that no one will "get into"
> where Stephen and I can send items for the Resource Room directly to. My station
> wagon will be able to ferry to and fro in the days before... I know WFU would be
> really convenient (and was planning to ask you about that today Chele!) but I know
> that Duke isn't much farther afield to the East...
> Being at UMaine, the sole division I size college in a not-as-small-as-some-think state,
> reminds me how great you folks down in North Carolina have it for being close to
> each other! Of course, I can't say I'd say the same thing about traffic on 40/85 ;)
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> writes:
>> I believe Dale Stille is coordinating the demo show since he is the head
>> of the Demo Workshops now an best knows what we have, what we don't have
>> and where it will be stored. At least he's the last person I delegated
>> that to! *chuckle*
>> Chele
>> On 2/26/2007 11:05 AM, Keith Warren wrote:
>>> Bill, you know NCSU is willing to help in any way we can. I have been
>>> confused about who is coordinating the demoshow. Throw our hat in the
>>> ring if you can find it.
>>> William McNairy wrote:
>>>> Dear Friends of Tap-L:
>>>> I would like to coordinate the demo shows for the AAPT summer meeting
>>>> in Greensboro, NC.
>>>> In the past the local staff, the Demo Workshop team, and a few 'Stray
>>>> Cats' have performed for public and peers alike. I also know that
>>>> some, like Maiullo, are contributing to workshops like Physics on the
>>>> Road.
>>>> Would you please respond to me if you'd be interested in
>>>> participating in this year's extravaganza? I'm not in Greensboro
>>>> exactly, but I'd really like for this to be really fun for all. My
>>>> contact information is below.