Date: Tue Feb 27 11:21:13 2007

Author: David Sturm

Subject: Re: HELP with Demonstration Shows for AAPT Summer Meeting

Echoing our PIRA President about this year, my understanding is certainly that
Dale as co-grahhhn poobahhhh of the Demonstration Workshop board is in charge.
And I believe Sam²pere is the other workshop co-leader?

As far back as I remember, the AAPT summer public demo show had been under
the supervision of PIRA's Demonstration Workshop team, with maybe an exception
or two. (The 'Stray Cats' I thought did their own show, we still had a public demo
show managed by PIRA). I've only been in person back to Gonzaga 1995
(when JZ came 'long with Zig and his amazing trailer-load of many items)...
Anyway, I got the sense that tradition goes back farther to the late 80's...

Right now, I haven't gotten any response back on my inquiries to UNCG about where
things were going to be, so thanks Bill Mc for giving a sense of where and all.

I know right now, I'm needing a good "zone" that is secure, that no one will "get into"
where Stephen and I can send items for the Resource Room directly to. My station
wagon will be able to ferry to and fro in the days before... I know WFU would be
really convenient (and was planning to ask you about that today Chele!) but I know
that Duke isn't much farther afield to the East...

Being at UMaine, the sole division I size college in a not-as-small-as-some-think state,
reminds me how great you folks down in North Carolina have it for being close to
each other! Of course, I can't say I'd say the same thing about traffic on 40/85 ;)
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==================================================== writes:
>I believe Dale Stille is coordinating the demo show since he is the head
>of the Demo Workshops now an best knows what we have, what we don't have
>and where it will be stored. At least he's the last person I delegated
>that to! *chuckle*
>On 2/26/2007 11:05 AM, Keith Warren wrote:
>> Bill, you know NCSU is willing to help in any way we can. I have been
>> confused about who is coordinating the demoshow. Throw our hat in the
>> ring if you can find it.
>> William McNairy wrote:
>>> Dear Friends of Tap-L:
>>> I would like to coordinate the demo shows for the AAPT summer meeting
>>> in Greensboro, NC.
>>> In the past the local staff, the Demo Workshop team, and a few 'Stray
>>> Cats' have performed for public and peers alike. I also know that
>>> some, like Maiullo, are contributing to workshops like Physics on the
>>> Road.
>>> Would you please respond to me if you'd be interested in
>>> participating in this year's extravaganza? I'm not in Greensboro
>>> exactly, but I'd really like for this to be really fun for all. My
>>> contact information is below.