Date: Mon Feb 26 20:31:24 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: cathode ray tubes

Sorry, I think you're too late. I gave away a dozen or so to someone on
another list. I may have more, but it's a pain to search the garage.
If you can handle 5" ones (e.g. 5BP1) I think I know where one or two I
can spare are.


Erich Burton wrote:

>>From the description provided by Krishna, it sounds like this:
>The link is to an old .pdf version of a Cenco operating manual
>(with no picture, unfortunately). It is unlikely that Sargent
>Welch has any of the tubes, but it may be worth a call to ask
>them. We don't have any in the basement, but I can check the
>demo room to see if we still have one to confirm relevant part
>If this is the one I am thinking of, Cenco sold them as late
>as 15 years ago. I seem to recall one on the cover of the 1992
>Cenco Physics supplemental catalog.
>We use a Tel Atomic (or Teltron) 555 Electron Diffraction tube
>for a very similar demo, since we have a dozen of those tubes
>Erich Burton 3-2602
>Boston University Physics Department