Date: Mon Feb 26 11:05:16 2007

Author: Keith Warren

Subject: Re: HELP with Demonstration Shows for AAPT Summer Meeting

Bill, you know NCSU is willing to help in any way we can. I have been
confused about who is coordinating the demoshow. Throw our hat in the
ring if you can find it.


Keith Warren
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The Science House
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William McNairy wrote:
> Dear Friends of Tap-L:
> I would like to coordinate the demo shows for the AAPT summer meeting
> in Greensboro, NC.
> In the past the local staff, the Demo Workshop team, and a few 'Stray
> Cats' have performed for public and peers alike. I also know that
> some, like Maiullo, are contributing to workshops like Physics on the
> Road.
> Would you please respond to me if you'd be interested in participating
> in this year's extravaganza? I'm not in Greensboro exactly, but I'd
> really like for this to be really fun for all. My contact information
> is below.
> I think the conference will be held at the Khoury Convention Center,
> but workshops and picnic/demo show held at UNC-G. There is some local
> support for this meeting at UNC-G, but I think they'll be swamped with
> contributing to the conference. I will follow up on the show with the
> lovely AAPT national staff to arrange storage if needed and other
> resources. NOTE that we've had a large turnover in AAPT staff
> recently, so I ask that you expressly request what assistance I can
> provide rather than assuming someone will take care of it as they have
> always done in the past.......
> I can certainly bring some things from Duke, if needed. Maybe some
> other NC schools will contribute as well?
> Looking forward to seeing you soon!
> bill