Date: Thu Feb 22 15:51:06 2007

Author: Dale Stille

Subject: Re: Extension cords and the Fire Marshal



The closest I came was when the fire marshal said that I couldn't use
extension cords on permanantly mounted devices....I had an extension cord
plugged into an outlet back in one of my aisles that ran out to the main
area were I would plug stuff in and test it. No No. However, the
powerstrips and cords on my table all passed because they are an wheels
and therefore not permanent fixtures.
I would suggest you go to a hardware store and get some of the 6 outlet
power strips that have 15 ft. # 14 cords on them. Attach them to your
tables and be done with it.
OR, move to Iowa where so far the marshal is still reasonable.


On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Cliff Bettis wrote:

> I wonder if any of you have run into this: I just was inspected for safety and got written up for my extension cords. I have (actually, used to have) cords that were made up by my shop. They were made of the heaviest duty cable and componebts I could reasonably use and terminated in four outlet metal boxes. The inspector says all extension cords shall be UL approved with a manufacturers label on them. My problem is for classroom use I need things that aren't readily available, heavy-duty custom lengths (too short is a tripping hazzard, and too long means you have to coil them up which is also against the code; and obviously you don't plug one into another) to suit the rooms (usually things like projectors, laptops and various power supplies, some over 1000 W).
> So I am waiting for my shop to sort out what's commercially available and hoping I can find something suitable. They won't even let us buy long ones and shorten them. I have been using these things for several decades and this has just come up.
> Cliff