Date: Wed Feb 21 12:10:15 2007

Author: Michael A Thomason

Subject: Re: dissectible capacitor


I'm not sure about the capacitor part.

Someone reported that wax ball would become electrostatically charged by
immersing it in water and then lifting it out of the water.

It is plausible that friction between the moving wax surface and water could
separate charge. I tried this with several candles but was never able to
reproduce the effect. I am still interested in what conditions cause this
to work,

Michael Thomason
Director of Physics Learning Laboratories
University of Colorado Boulder Department of Physics

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Long ago, I believe there was a discussion about dissectible capacitors
where someone mentioned a version that consisted of a beaker of water and
a wax or parafin ball. Can someone give me more details on that version
of the demo.

Dale Stille
U of Iowa