Date: Wed Feb 21 11:03:48 2007

Author: Sam Sampere

Subject: Re: Banana Plug Leads

I used to do that. I replaced all the alligator clips on my Vernier
probes with those tips. I inserted another banana plug into the jack
opening and pushed the plastic cover on until it snapped.

These leads were problematic though. The wire near the plastic would
break inside the insulation. So, I went back to the as supplied

You are correct, they are made by Johnson. I got 'em through digikey.


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Most of the department buys Pomona but make my own up. Our tips are
purchased through Newark though they can be had from other suppliers.
are made by (E.F.?) Johnson. Colors are somewhat limited unless you by
thousands. Cable is standard test lead wire. The tips cost about $1.00
now so little money is saved but it is made up by the convenience of
the length needed. It seems like I used to get a little metal block when
ordered them but can't recall getting any recently. I do have several in
tool box along with the "punch" if anyone needs one. Occasionally we
faculty complain about how poorly they are assembled. But when I look at
ones they complain about they usually have a patina that suggests they
predate the modern age. Assembled properly, the push on kind will work
practically forever. If you use a hammer and beat the plastic cover on
will fail quickly. I have found using just enough pressure to seat the
plastic cover on the metal part ensures longevity. The long term failure
mode is generally the nylon cover ages, gets brittle and cracks causing
cover to slip off the metal tip. I figure it takes between thirty and
years for that to happen.

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There are replacement plugs for this type of cable. They have the

same look and don't need to be soldered. We did have to make a simple
(block with a hole in it) to assemble them. Got them from Newark, stock

no. 93F9164/...5 (red/blk)...


At 11:54 AM 2/20/2007, you wrote:
>What I don't like about Pomona cables is that when an end breaks off
>but it happens), it's very hard to fix, except by recycling like Santos

>does. I like the Pasco cables - they're a bit cheaper, the ends are
>easy to re-attach, and the durability is just fine. We get the kit of
>parts and solder the cables to our own lengths. It's a great project
>teaching my student assistants how to solder.


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