Date: Tue Feb 20 14:54:24 2007

Author: John Welch

Subject: Re: Banana Plug Leads


What I don't like about Pomona cables is that when an end breaks off
(rare but it happens), it's very hard to fix, except by recycling like
Santos does. I like the Pasco cables - they're a bit cheaper, the ends
are very easy to re-attach, and the durability is just fine. We get the
kit of parts and solder the cables to our own lengths. It's a great
project for teaching my student assistants how to solder.

David Sturm wrote: on Monday, February 19, 2007 at 4:17 PM -0500 wrote:

I second Kail. We had Pomona leads that slowly migrated out of my
lab/demo area (into other labs). I replaced them with more
affordable...which turned out to be cheap quality. Go with Pomona.

I'll certainly speak up and swear by Pomona banana-banana cables. Plus, I've been swearing by Pomona for over 15 years now. As Chele points out, they do tend to migrate, and the best thing about the Pomona cables are the many different colors.
For example, I use brown and white in lecture-demonstration (makes it easy to see when they've "migrated"); and using red and black in the laboratory, although easily migrated, are pedagogically necessary...although I've also been known to go with
orange (for "positive") and blue (for "negative"). Those colors aren't usually seen in bulk around the average physics building. Since I know no one else in the building has brown, white, orange or blue, having that master key and making midnight
room checks once a semester usually prevents migration within the building. I might have lost a couple now, mainly from the hurry of packing up from Road Shows.

I tend to go with the 36" lengths, they're usually the same prices as 12" and 24"... no sense buying less for the same price.

Of course, I stil make up many home-made cable assemblies... My strong recommendation is to get a bag of 1000 alligator clips, and make a lot of gator-gator wires and avoid spade leads wherever possible.

Chele, for what it's worth, the Electronics lab there at WFU started out with Pomona purple and white cables... the other colors then were all lab... there was a method to my madness :)

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