Date: Mon Feb 19 16:36:12 2007

Author: William Maddox

Subject: Re: Banana Plug Leads

From: WC Maddox

PASCO has red and black patch cords listed under physics>
instrumentation > supplies. The ad say 75cm but mine are more like
85cm tip to tip. They have a hole so you can "gang together" a
semi-infinite number and connect to same terminal. Also have blue and
white but only about half as long.

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At 02:19 PM 2/19/2007, you wrote:
>Anyone have a good source for leads with banana plug ends,
>preferably plugs that can be ganged together to allow more than one
>lead to be pluged into a single terminal? I found some darling ones
>in Frey Scientific - but they only come in 2-foot lengths and only
>in black (??) I have also bought some plugs to make my own leads,
>but these were not gang-able and were ridiculously expensive.
>Thanks for your suggestions.
> Terry
> J. Terrence Klopcic
> Director of Laboratories
> Departments of Physics and Mathematics
> Kenyon College