Date: Mon Feb 19 16:28:51 2007

Author: Santos Ramirez

Subject: Re: Banana Plug Leads

I agree with Sam. Pomona is all I buy. Can not beat it.

In fact, when one of the ends breaks, I recycle the leads
by cutting off the broken part and attach the leads with the
good banana plug to a cable that has a BNC
connector on one end.
This works for low frequency measurements with a scope
when you need a BNC to banana leads to connect up to a ckt (if
the leads are not too long).

> Find your nearest Pomona rep. I think Newark Electronics is where I
> bought my last supply. Go to:
> NANA&getDetails=0
> See Model B. Stacking banana plug patch cord
> Anything other than Pomona cables are junk! Anybody disagree?
> Sam
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> Subject: [tap-l] Banana Plug Leads
> Hi,
> Anyone have a good source for leads with banana plug ends, preferably
> plugs
> that can be ganged together to allow more than one lead to be pluged
> into a
> single terminal? I found some darling ones in Frey Scientific - but
> they
> only come in 2-foot lengths and only in black (??) I have also bought
> some
> plugs to make my own leads, but these were not gang-able and were
> ridiculously expensive.
> Thanks for your suggestions.
> Terry
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