Date: Mon Feb 19 10:39:35 2007

Author: Brian Andersson

Subject: Re: DCS numbers for a couple of Rotational Motion Demonstrations

Cliff and Dale,

The rotating disc demo (or something very similar) is described in
Vol I of Meiners' book of demos. It is demo 13-7.3.


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On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Dale Stille wrote:

> Cliff,
> I don't know about the will probably have to draw me a picture
> as I can't make one in my mind of what you are describing.
> The paraboloid is 2C50.35.
> Later,
> Dale
> On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Cliff Bettis wrote:
>> I'm at it again:
>> Counter Rotating Disks: Two disks mounted so they can spin about their
>> centers on a common lead screw. The whole rig is suspended by a long
>> thread. The upper disk is rotated all the way up the screw and let go. As
>> it begins to rotate, because of its travel down the lead the screw, the
>> lower disk rotates in the opposite direction. When they finally collide,
>> all rotation ceases. It seems like this ought to be around 1Q30 or maybe
>> 1Q40 but I don't find it.
>> Rotating vessel of water: the surface forms a paraboloid as the vessel is
>> rotated. I looked in both rotational motion and fluids and didn't see
>> this.
>> Any clues for your spin-dizzy pal?
>> Cliff