Date: Mon Feb 5 16:14:17 2007

Author: John Cockman, Jr.

Subject: Re: List conversations. Please Read.

Google "global warming forum".

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From: "Douglas Johnson"
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 3:49 PM
Subject: Re: [tap-l] List conversations. Please Read.

> Hi Jerry and others,
> I have to agree with Keith, but maybe not as strongly as he put
> it. It truly reflects the best interest of Tap-L as a whole, not to
> have these types of discussions. I think it would be best if another
> forum was used in place of Tap-L. Maybe if you checked to see who
> may be interested in further discussing on this subject and start
> e-mailing them directly and not on Tap-L. I don't think anyone would
> mind that. Keith, what do you think?
> My two cents worth... Doug J.
> PS.. I do think Keith
>> I would like to ask you to reconsider your decision. As noted
>>in the past, many of us are teachers. The topic of climate change
>>certainly has a lot of physics in it. There are "Physics and
>>Environment", and other similar courses that might spend a lot of
>>time on this topic. Even if we don't teach, most of us interact
>>with students or other scientists, and discussions like this help to
>>keep us up to date. So I think a topic like this could be very
>>relevant to this listserv.
>> I don't think the discussion has been too political, and nobody
>>has been nasty about it. What I see happening, and what causes the
>>discussion to continue, is that we hardly ever respond directly to
>>each others' points. We offer opinions and/or evidence, but when we
>>respond it appears that we have not read or understood the other
>> I would like to suggest that discussions like this be allowed
>>to continue, but with a different focus. Instead of firing back and
>>forth at each other, let's try to be a little more scientific about
>>it. If someone makes a point let's acknowledge it. If the point is
>>not valid let's explain why. Let's not issue opinions without
>>supporting evidence or reasoning. We all know what the rules are,
>>let's play by the rules.
>> Threatening people with removal from the list seems a little
>>harsh. We all know that's a possibility in the back of our minds.
>>If somebody gets way off base, I'm sure they can be brought back to
>>center with calm reasoning. When discipline is handled this way,
>>everybody's behavior improves. Would you please reconsider. Thank
>>At 11:43 AM 2/5/2007, you wrote:
>>>TAP-L is a friendly group and is here for us to collaborate on
>>>physics demonstrations, laboratories and outreach. It is not a
>>>venue for political views or much else. We tolerate a bit of the
>>>extra because we are all friends. We must however, keep politics
>>>and religion off this list. Those topics will heat things up
>>>faster than throwing a stray cat in front of my dog.
>>>If global warming or George W. Bush have anything to do with this
>>>weeks lab, then discuss it. If not, take it to another group. If
>>>this continues, I will be forced to remove people from the list.
>>>Thanks for making TAP-L great everybody.