Date: Fri Feb 16 17:21:57 2007

Author: --- cbettis

Subject: Re: To start your weekend with a laugh ...


I have been doing serious scavenging in the attic. There is some wonderful old
stuff up there. I am grabbing on to whatever looks good and isn't museum
stuff. I just finished building a "new" pile driver, parts of which came from
two Young's modulus apparatus and an old free fall experiment (really old: it
used a tuning fork and a stylus to leave timing marks on a wax paper streamer).

My guess is most of the stuff will be tossed.


Quoting "Wallin, Stephen R" :

> Don't lose those dandy historical artifacts in the attic. Was UNL
> first
> physics graduate school west of the Missip.?
> Stephen
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> Subject: [tap-l] To start your weekend with a laugh ...
> I just got this note:
> Dear faculty,
> The Society of Physics Student has been put in charge of taking
> inventory for the physics department. The information gathered will be
> used to help prepare moving into the new building. In the next couple
> of
> weeks members of SPS will be contacting each one of you individually
> to
> sit down and catalog your specific equipment. This process should take
> no more than an hour of your time, and it would be nice if this could
> all be done in a timely manner. Thank you for your cooperation.