Date: Fri Feb 16 10:00:36 2007

Author: Keith Warren

Subject: Re: searching tap-l / making a newsgroup

We just expanded our website and I have uploaded all the archives from
Appalachian State. We will be adding Google search to it very soon.
I'll also start adding the archives from here at NCSU, but those are
already available at I don't think they can be searched
there so I will add them to our server where they will be.

In the meantime, you can see the archives (and soon search them) here:


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John Welch wrote:
> This is an offshoot of the VanDeGraaf thread:
> I would LOVE to be able to search Tap-L. I also do computer
> programming and when I want to look something up, I go the relevant
> usenet newsgroup via google groups and whala!, I have years of great
> easily searchable threads. I think Tap-L would be 10 times more useful
> (which is saying a lot, because it's already super ) if threads could
> be searched by google groups. People would make descriptive subject
> lines like "VanDeGraaf roller materials", and we could all benefit
> from previous discussions. I've asked before if there is a reason we
> don't go that route, but I don't think I've heard anything.
> I would be willing to help with the process of creating a usenet
> group, but I don't know anything about it at the moment, so perhaps
> there are good reasons not to that someone can share with us.
> -John
> Sam Sampere wrote:
>> If you search tap-l, you'll see posts pointing out this problem I
>> think it's so much easier to clean with ethanol or methanol, it's not
>> worth the hassle of completely disassembling (remember Short
>> Circuit...) and bathing the thing in warm soapy water. They say this
>> will eventually attack the plexi. I'm willing to let it attack and
>> rebuld when necessary.
>> Sam