Date: Wed Feb 14 16:52:59 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: IR (Thermal Imaging) (Forward Looking IR) Cameras and

I find "instant grat." using the filter I made from kodachrome film and
my night shot camera, yes quite ghostly.

I haven't used my T-90 Canon for several years xcept. as piggy back on
my Celestron 8". W/ both the 50 mm and 500. I rigged up an extension
release, so I can stay indoors.

My super 8 sound still has partly exposed film in it from a christening,
ca. 1980.

bc, who resisted going digital long after his digital business friend
did. Now has (with Gate Keeper) five.

p.s. I have a super circuits Sony HAD, but yet to make the shutter mod.
Eventually I'll mount our two IR shutter release cameras so I can do
stereo. I only take about two or three rolls a year w/ my Edixa
stereo. Exposed two rolls when I went to Paris, and ~ 3k pics w/ small
Canon PowerShot.

Sam Sampere wrote:

>I shot a couple rolls of IR film back when I was in college. Plants, especially trees, really looked cool, very ghostly. But now when you can have instant gratification... Anybody still pull out their old SLR anymore? I do for serious pictures, but everything else is digital.
>You don't use your super-8 anymore, do you? Hang a sheet on a wall and watch the silent family movies! Sure brings back warm memories of cooler days.

much cut