Date: Wed Feb 14 09:53:16 2007

Author: John Hubisz

Subject: Re: Incandescent Bulb Destruction and Uses

There is a lot of good physics connected with an incandescent bulbs (the
P.O.T. module describes a lot of things that can be done) even when
broken. I break burned out ones to have the students see and measure
and describe the parts to learn what physics is applicable to those parts.

John Hubisz

Don Cameron wrote:
> I have two related questions. I have been replacing my incandescent
> bulbs with CFLs and not waiting until the bulbs burn out. As a result
> I have about a dozen various incandescent bulbs for which I have no
> good use. Rather then give them away or sell them, and have their
> energy use contribute to global warming...I was wondering if there are
> any good demonstrations or labs that safely destroy these bulbs that I
> could use over time.
> Secondly, is there a searchable archive of this list, and if so where
> is it kept?
> Sincerely,
> Don B. Cameron
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