Date: Mon Feb 12 16:51:44 2007

Author: Erich Burton

Subject: Re: Student Lab Oscillocopes


Zeke writes:
:Has anyone tried the LCD handheld oscilloscopes? [such as the
:Velleman HPS10]

Here's a link to the same scope on ebay:

That page includes a link to the scope's manual.

My concerns would be that the scope display is quite small (though
the HPS40 does have a backlight), the device will go through a lot of
batteries ("up to 20 hours operation on 5 AA batteries"), and it may
be a little *too* portable. Also, only 2 MHz analog bandwidth, and
limited triggering.

Still, for the price, it might have a place on the bench or in
the lab. Worth a look. I would get one to try out before I sprang
for a bunch.


Erich Burton 3-2602
Boston University Physics Department