Date: Mon Feb 12 14:14:36 2007

Author: Santos Ramirez

Subject: Re: double connection to DVR?


It sounds like the reason the cable tech guys want you to connect the RCA
cables is because the cable signal has to get "back" to the DVD player
since it (DVD player/recorder) is connected "before" the cable box
(according to their directions).

I usually connect the player/recorders between the cable box and
the TV.

Or am I missing something?


> Makes no sense to me. The DVD player should just be a pass-through
> for the RF signal. An encoded signal shouldn't be of any use. If
> the complete signal isn't on the RCA cables, how would a TV deal with
> it?
> What happens when you connect the RF cable directly to the TV decoder?
> I generally connect the TV/VCR cards with both the RCA inputs and the
> RF. People seem to insist that the TV must be on channel 3. If
> that's not connected, they get hopelessly confused. But the RCA
> inputs work much better. I switch the channel back to "AV Input"
> whenever I can.
> Paul
> On Feb 11, 2007, at 11:13 AM, Carter, Tom wrote:
>> Folks,
>> This is really only barely a physics hardware question, but I
>> figured someone on this list would know so I thought I'd ask. Does
>> anyone know why you have to have both an RF cable connection and a
>> RCA cable connection between a recording device and your TV cable box?
>> I just spent a frustrating day hooking up and learning to use
>> my new fancy-shmancy DVD recorder. (It appears they don't make VHS
>> recorders any more and the one I've had since grad school just
>> died.) During one of my many phone calls with tech-support, the
>> person was extremely clear that I needed to have the connections
>> from my TV cable in this order:
>> a) RF coax cable directly from outside the house
>> INTO back for DVD recorder
>> b) RF coax cable OUT of back of the recorder INTO
>> the cable TV decoding box
>> c) Three RCA cables (yellow, white, red) OUT of
>> the TV decoding box back into DVD recorder
>> So it seems like the DVD recorder needed to get connected
>> twice to the TV signal, once before the decoder (RF) and once after
>> (RCA).
>> The tech support person admitted there were many mistakes in
>> their instruction manual, but she was insistant that this portion
>> was correct. When I asked her why, she said "It needs to get the
>> signal, Mr. Carter. There is no other way." That made it clear!
>> Any ideas? Just tech-support non-sense? Maybe some kind of
>> clocking signal that the decoder strips away that the DVR needs?
>> I'm happy to take this conversation offline if the explanation get
>> too long (or too boring to everyone else).
>> Tom
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