Date: Fri Feb 9 15:16:55 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Discharge Electrometer w Alpha Source

Again crossed writing. My thought was Po is poisonous not because of
the radioactivity, but like Pu is a poisonous metal. Note: As and Po
are in the same column. Therefore, the DHS might want to restrict its
sale. While Am -241 is less so. (Had enuf; not going to search this.)
However, one seller of exempt quantities claims they are very innocuous.

Here's Wiki:

Too bad I couldn't find the proceedings for this event:

Here's a thought:

bc, who had a business preparing Po-210 by electrolytic deposition on Ag
from Ra -D.

Cliff Bettis wrote:

> bc,
> As far as the safety issue goes, I think the appropriate safety rules
> ought to be followed for all the alpha sources. For me, that means
> careful handling and doing a survey before and after use. The only
> thing unusual about Polonium 210 is that it has a high specific
> activity. Back in September I had issues with a leaky Am-241 source;
> since then I have been using gloves even with the plated sources.
> Cliff
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