Date: Fri Feb 9 12:54:25 2007

Author: Cliff Bettis

Subject: Re: Discharge Electrometer w Alpha Source



Suppose I use x-rays or gamma rays instead of UV to discharge the

Is it then E&M because the discharge mechanism is mainly ionization instead
of the photoelectric effect?

I am kidding, but I do find it interesting how many ways one can look at
some of these things.

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From: "Richard Berg"
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Subject: Re: [tap-l] Discharge Electrometer w Alpha Source

> Buttal:
> I think the location is correct. The point is creating conductive air
> whatever the source, as D. pointed out. A UV lamp or electrical discharge
> will produce the same result and certainly wouldn't be placed in a nuclear
> category.
> Rebuttal:
> I think that this demo using UV radiation IS in the atomic/nuclear area,
> because it is the Photoelectric Effect. It should work when the plate is
> charged negative, but not when the plate is charged positive. At least
> that is the way it works for me.
> Dick
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