Date: Fri Feb 9 11:38:36 2007

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Discharge Electrometer w Alpha Source

The idea of using a blower to blow ionized air from a source at the
electroscope is cute, too.


I forgot to point out this is how the source is used. The source is
enclosed in a slotted tube placed at the rear of the bench in front of
the air register. This is far from the work (one to two feet) so the
ionized air is blown past the workers' hands, the lenses, fixtures, etc.


Bernard Cleyet wrote:

> I think the location is correct. The point is creating conductive air
> whatever the source, as D. pointed out. A UV lamp or electrical
> discharge will produce the same result and certainly wouldn't be
> placed in a nuclear category.
> A BTW: In the early days an electroscope was the only nuclear
> detector (other than film). I remember hearing on the radio a story
> about a misplaced source searched w/ electroscopes. The teller was
> commenting on the advances since. This was the late 40's.
> Another: other than as a poison, Po-210 main use, AFAIK, is in
> anti-static devices. I've had several Po-210 film brushes and when I
> worked for an IOL company we used very intense Po-210 sources in the
> clean benches. The lenses tended to become charged as the rooms were
> dry and PMMA lenses are rather good insulators.
> OTOH Showing nuclear (and X) radiation is ionizing is appropriately
> placed in a nuclear category.
> bc, wonders if, in the light of recent news, Am-241 would be a safer
> source.
> Dale Stille wrote: